On the 27 July 2006 8 Members of West Bergholt Football Club Committee attempted the 3 Peaks Challenge to raise money for a new clubhouse and
also for the St Helena Hospice.

The team completed the challenge within 24 hours, reaching the end after a grueling 23 hours and 19 minutes and here is a brief review of how it went.

Together the team raised nearly £4000.

First thing Wednesday 26th July our 2 vehicles were picked up from Global and then all the team members were picked up ready for the 12 hour drive to Fort William in Scotland.
The white van driven by Pud had all its load and was waiting almost an hour for the VW Sharan that was driven by Tony, so slightly behind already, with traffic problems and strange navigation it took over 3 hours get out of East Englia. However, to lighten the mood Tony followed the wrong van on the A1 and would have ended up in Lincoln but for the sharp eye of John "Moysey" Hume in the back.
The journey was quite straight forward from this point and we soon found ourselves in Scotland. A relief break at Loch Lomond saw many of the team caught on camera spending a penny, but the views of the Loch and the Scottish mountains from the car were far more interesting.

The team at Loch Lomond and the view of a mountain called Gob Stopper or something like that
We made good time getting to the Ben Nevis Inn which included "The Bunkhouse" where we were to spend the night. The facilities were basic, but very welcome after the many hours of travelling. A really good night's sleep was needed, but after the confusion of losing one of our bunks to someone called Big Dave and some extremely loud snoring (apparently from Peter Cocker Snr) most of the team managed barely a couple of hours.

The Ben Nevis Inn and the Pud claims his bunk before Big Dave gets there
That didn't matter though as we had most of the next day to relax before we attempted the challenge. With the anticipation buiding through the day we finally gathered at the start of the footpath up Ben Nevis and after several photos our official start time for the challenge was 4:35pm.

The team all ready to go and the view of Ben Nevis from the Inn
The steepness of the first 15 minutes of the climb was tough going, but when we found ourselves a good pace for the whole team we really made good time and reached the summit in good time. A few quick snaps and the chance for Lumby to descover the joys of wet wipes and we were headding back down, completing the first leg of our journey in 4 and a half hours, which was an excellent start.

The view from near the top of Ben Nevis and the team at the top
A short break for some of the best tasting soup ever and a quick change of clothes, before packing up and heading for Scafell Pike through the night.
We arrived at Wasdale Head, our start point for Scafell, at 2:30am and got underway as quickly as possible using head torches to light our path for the first hour or so.

Preparation at the vans and the view of Scafell (taken after the walk obviously)
With the sun just rising above the nearby mountains we soon found ourselves at the top of the mountain which was a more than welcome sight as some of the team found the continuous rock starcase of Scafell Pike tough going. However the same members found the decent easier and led the rest of us down at a fair old pace that saw us complete the second climb of the challenge in 3 and a half hours.

The view from the top Scafell as the sun breaks and the team at the top
We had another rest period with a superb chicken pasta meal before packing up and hitting the road for Wales whilst trying to have as much sleep as we could.

Darren and Moysey (or is that Zorro?) manage to get some kip, but fail to look good doing it
There were a few moments on the A55 where we thought we would be behind schedule thanks to some awful drivers deciding it best to be in our way, but we got there on time and quickly got ourselves kitted up and yomping up Snowdon's "Pig Track".

Our first view of the peak of Snowdon from the Pig Track (if it were not for the clouds) and some of the team on the way up
The calf muscles were already screaming as we reached the end of the path and joined the railway for the last stretch, but we would not give in and all made it to the top. Unfortunatley we could not all get onto the summit together because of the crowds, but we found a bit of room to gather ourselves for the final decent. This again was done at a great pace despite the heat from the afternoon sun and we were soon back at the vans in a little over 3 and a half hours. The time when we finished was 3:54pm and we were exhausted, but buzzing with the feeling of achievement.

The view back along the track from the summit and the team hiding the pain from the crowds at the top
So the the total time was 23 hours and 19 minutes which meant challenge was completed inside the 24 hours which is of course what we set out to do.
We celebrated with a few beers and an indian then had a well earned sleep at a Travelodge before making our way home to Bergholt to complete the 1400 mile round trip!
All the guys in the team would like to thank everyone who sponsored us and again we would like to thank the following companies for their support, as without them the event itself would not have been possible:
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