Well what a weekend that was!

Just how much food, alcohol, laughter & flip flops can you get into 4 days? Our visit to RSV Büblingshausen gave us the answer. Probably too much!

Morty's teeth were not going to join us on the visit, but Oozy brought his mate Rockford File along to make up the numbers and from the moment we boarded the coach at 4 o'clock on Good Friday morning we could tell it was going to be an Easter to remember.

The RSVB players, officials and friends were superb hosts and
we were greeted at Frankfurt Hahn airport with a smile, warm handshake and a cold beer. From then on there was rarely a moment when one of the 35 visitors from West Bergholt did not have a drink in their hand.

Tony Longhurst found a bag of size 5 pink S Club flip flops and everyone was given a brief that wherever we went a pair of flip flops were to be left behind as a momento. The lovely Blankenfold Hotel where we stayed was beautifully decorated with eggs and bunnies for the Easter period and when we left there were flip flops left everywhere too.

After drinks at the club house there were a few people who overdid it and missed out on the first night. Rocky being one of them. As you can see he was too far gone to even complete the job of getting into bed, but his arse was the first place we left a flip flop.

That first evening we visited RSVB's old club house and were treated to a German buffet, plenty of beer, plus some interesting sherbet drinks and vodka jelly shots. Use the 'click here' to view more pictures from the first night.

RSVB's 'Party Boy', Sasha, introduced some of the lads to the German nightlife in an attempt to get the upper hand for the big match on Saturday afternoon. That didn't work as the Bergholt team romped to a 6-2 victory, which you can read about in the match report. Sasha need not have bothered as several of the Bergholt players nearly missed the kick off by getting themselves stranded at the drive in.
"Let's go into town and get a Macdonalds". We should have said no, but 2 hours later we were still there and waiting for taxis to come and pick us up. At least we had a quality mullet to keep us entertained.

Thankfully the taxis arrived and the game went ahead. After the match we went to a pub where Grimble and Trevor challenged the owner to the hammer a nail in the log (or whatever it's called).

That evening we were treated to the full works with food, drink, exchanges of gifts and entertainment at the local shooting club. We presented RSVB with a Yard of Ale and they returned the complement with a very nice Bimble Cider Jug. More pictures using the 'click here'.

Then the entertainment started, with our old friend Elvis and after that the RSVB lads were introduced to peggy and the Captain. Then to bring the evening to a close, everyone joined in the traditional singing of You'll Never Walk Alone.

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